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Record Broken Again: Two S&T Achievements Sold for Over 30 Million

The signing ceremony on September 9th marked the efforts of Jinyubaoling Bio-pharmaceutical Corporation to purchase two S&T Achievements from HZAU. Li Mingjia, Vice Secretary of the university, Chen Huanchun, academician of CAS, and chairman of Jinyu Group Corporation attended the ceremony. Each achievement was transferred for 15 million and 3% sales commission, breaking the transaction price record of HZAU’s technology transfer.

The two S&T Achievements were mycoplasma bovis live vaccine (M.bovis HB0801-150 strain) and viral gene engineering vaccine of infectious Bovine rhinotracheitis without tk/gG gene (IBRV △gG/△tk). According to Professor Guo Aizhen from College of Veterinary Medicine, who led the research, mycoplasma pneumonia and infectious bovine tracheal diseases had brought huge economic losses to the cattle industry, signaling an urgent market need for vaccines which can prevent and control these diseases. From the very beginning, the team highlighted the utility and market value of the product while taking into account the market demand. Now after nearly ten years’ endeavor, they made a major breakthrough. The two vaccines have been proved to be effective in clinical tests and are expected to be granted state veterinary certificate.

To help the two parties reach a consensus and achieve a timely technology transfer, Technology Transferring Office and Asset Management Organ of HZAU have organized rounds of business negotiations on transfer issues, which embodies the idea that universities should serve the society through the transfer and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.