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A.P. Zhong Qing visited HZAU

At the invitation of Prof. Yan Xianghua of School of Animal Science and Technology and Veterinary Medicine, A. P Zhong Qing of the University of Texas visited HZAU from August 17 to 28 and introduced the latest development in international autophagy research.

In a lecture on "the Important Control of Nutrient Metabolism and Disease", Zhong elaborated on history of autophagosome, relevant genes of autophagy and the important function of autophagy in the process of pathology and physiology. He also discussed different functions of variations derived from autophagy PI3K protein and the molecular mechanism of OFD1 protein adjusted to the development of primary cilia by autophagy. He then introduced the key mechanism by which ATG14L protein promotes membrane tethering and fusion of autophagosomes to endolysosomes based upon his team's latest achievements.

the visit, Prof. Cao Gang discussed with Zhong Qing how pathogenic microorganism survives in the process of autophagy. A PhD candidate from School of Plant Science and Technology posed several questions about the design of autophagy experiments. Zhong Qing talked about experiment methods for a project of Key Projects of International Cooperation of NSFC in detail with members of Pro. Yan's team. He also offered beneficial suggestions to postgraduates present as for how to conduct research and encouraged them to continue the journey of exploration.