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Three Foreign Experts Attended HZAU Public Management Forum

Pro. Steven Lim

Pro. Paul F. Starrs

Pro. Lynn Huntsinger

Three foreign experts attended HZAU Public Management Forum on Nov. 11th. Steven Lim, economics professor from the University of Waikato, Lynn Huntsinger, from School of Natural Resources of UC Berkeley and Paul F. Starrs, geography professor from University of Nevada at Reno delivered lectures respectively on "Farmland Loss When Building a Highway & Impacts on Farmers' Livelihoods", "How American forestry destroyed the forest in California", and “Livestock ranching life lessons: a planners guide to regional agricultural controversy”.

Pro. Steven Lim began by introducing the framework of sustainable livelihoods and encouraged students to provide suggestions on feasibility of the framework. He analyzed economic impact on rural areas and its influence on livelihood, stressed that the most serious impact of building highways is the loss of farmland, and showed that the investigation into social capital is not only meaningful itself but also of great importance in helping people deal with difficulties. He also proposed three approaches to apply the framework to the development of rural areas, including the extension of irrigation areas and roads, the reduction of landmine casualties as well as the coordinate social capital and HIV.

Pro. Lynn Huntsinger’s lecture centered on four topics of "Forest", "Primeval Forest", "Scientific Forestry" and "New Forestry". She pointed out that, from the analysis and summary of national forest industry, people have different ideas about the definition of forest and the pursuit the diversity of forest system would result in fewer manageable trees. She believed that in the management of the early 20th century, attention were only paid to trees themselves and analysis of forest system from a comprehensive perspective was neglected, "We can learn from the past and change the future since cultural perspective changes geographic landscape".

Pro. Paul F. Starrs began by raising several questions, such as "Where do people live? ", "Who are landowners? ", "What kind of natural resources is the most important for the social prosperity?” and "How to distribute and share valuable resources?” He then analyzed and answered these questions, revealing the impact of “common governance” on government policy and private property.


Steven Lim, economics professor from the University of Waikato, focuses on the research of happiness economics, economics of e-commerce, business strategy, international trade and development, China's economic development as well as effective teaching.

Lynn Huntsinger, from College of Natural Resources of University of California at Berkeley, is a professor of rangeland ecology and management as well as a director of society and environment department. His research interests include conservation and management of grasslands and woodlands, and interaction between society and ecosystem in western America.

Paul F. Starrs , a geography professor from University of Nevada at Reno.

(Translated by Huang Yulin)