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Annual Postgraduate Academic Meetings Have Their Styles at HZAU

In November, annual postgraduate academic meetings have been held respectively in College of Animal Science and Technology and Veterinary Medicine (CASTVM) and College of Plant Science and Technology (CPST) at HZAU. They aim to help postgraduates develop a right attitude towards scientific research and promote the integration of research with industry.

Three Reports on the Magic of Commercialization of Research in CASTVM

On the morning of November 20th, the opening ceremony of the 8th Dafeilong Cup postgraduate annual academic meeting of the College started at the auditorium of Healthy Breeding of Swine Collaborative Innovation Center. Prof. Xia Qingyou, Dean of College of Biotechnology in Southeast University, Prof. Zhang from HZAU, and Mr. Li, President of Zhejiang Dafeilong Company as the sponsor of the meeting have delivered their reports to the teachers and postgraduates present.

In Prof. Xia’s systematic report entitled “Science, Technology and Culture of Mulberry Silk”, he stresses the necessity of mastering core technology, upgrading manufacturing technique to control pricing in the market for Chinese mulberry silk industry in coping with the pressure of transforming and upgrading. Prof. Xia has already completed the “Chinese Bombyx mori Genome Mapping Project” in Japan before. Meanwhile, he is occupied with the “Spun Silk Insects’ Genome Mapping Project”, which has made his team the pioneer of the field at the speed of completing 5 genome sequencing of spun silk insects per year.

Prof. Xia adds that these findings of the research of silk protein have been commercialized into silk products such as silk mask and silk scarf through cooperation with many enterprises. It also has made the masses get to know more about mulberry silk.

Later, Prof. Zhang shares his research in inducing inflammation by the regulation of TLE1 using MicroRNA-657. And Mr. Li introduced the developing history and corporate culture of Dafeilong Company, to deepen students’ understanding about how to achieve the transformation of scientific research results.

Head to Head on Scientific Research Guru in CPST

On the afternoon of November 24th, with the theme of “Research, Ethics, and Innovation”, 2015 postgraduate academic annual meeting of College of PST opened. The attendees in the meeting included Prof. Fu Tingdong from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the heads, teachers and postgraduates of the College.

As a special guest, Prof. Fu has addressed the opening speech with a motto from Cao Cao, who was a Chinese statesman, to urge every postgraduate to be scientific research guru and emphasizes the importance of dedication, practice, learning and thinking to the innovative research. His discovery of Polima cytoplasmic male sterility was exactly the best example. He also encourages them to improve AQ and to become all-round innovative talents in the new era.

During the Q&A Session, Liu Hongling askes why traditional research method was still needed to collect data in the experimental field instead of advanced equipments. Prof. Fu replies, in fact, some advanced equipment still couldn’t detect traits and its analysis may not be reliable all the time.

(Translated by Shi Yafen)