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HZAU Attend the Academic Seminar on the Industrialization of Aquatic Vegetables

From November 4 to 6 in 2015, the 8th National Academic Seminar on the Industrialization of Aquatic Vegetables was held in Jinan,Shandong province. Attendees from HZAU include Professor Li Jianhong and Dr. Ma Hongju from the Aquatic Vegetable Protection Team of School of Plant Science and Technology, Professor Wang Qingzhang and Associate Professor Yan Shoulei from the Aquatic Vegetable Processing Team of School of Food Science and Technology.

More than 200 domestic experts and scholars from institutes concerned with education, research and promotion of aquatic vegetables participated in the seminar jointly hosted by Aquatic Vegetable Branch of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Topics involved ranged from the current development of aquatic vegetables, genetics and breeding, the prevention and control of plant diseases and pests to the preservation and processing of aquatic vegetables. At the seminar Professor Li Jianhong presented a report on Thoughts on Prevention and Control of Plant Diseases and Pests under New Normal, and heated academic discussions led by him were held. During the seminar, experts and scholars were organized to visit some local spots including a lotus root ecological park, a manufacturing workshop of lotus tea and lotus wine as well as a research and demonstration base of key technology for high-efficiency lotus root production.

Professor Li Jianhong and Professor Wang Qingzhan undertook two projects under the 12th-Five-Year National Technology Support Program of “Research and Demonstration of High-efficiency Aquatic Vegetable Production Technology(2012BAD27B00)”: “Research and Demonstration of Effective Cultivation and Prevention of Diseases and Pests for Major Aquatic Vegetables”, “Research on the Preservation and Processing Technology of Aquatic Vegetables”. The Aquatic Vegetable Protection Team as well as Preservation and Processing Team of Aquatic Vegetables, led by the two professors, have carried out extensive research on the comprehensive control of aquatic vegetable diseases and pests, fresh-keeping and processing of lotus root as well as nelumbo nucifera and have achieved substantial accomplishments.

(By Du Kunwei)