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Jiang Fang at Chinese Studies Forum: Legend of Wang Zhaojun

Key points: Wang Zhaojun, with her uprightness and integrity, was an outstanding woman in the history of peace-making marriage. On the night of November 11th, Jiang Fang, professor of Hubei University and scholar of the culture of Chu State, visited our Chinese Studies Forum and introduced to us the outstanding woman---Wang Zhaojun--- in her eyes.

On the night of November 11th, the Fifth Chinese Studies Forum was held in the lecture hall of HZAU library. Jiang Fang, professor of Hubei University and scholar of the culture of Chu State, introduced to students in HZAU Wang Zhaojun---a legendary woman in her eyes.

“Wang Zhaojun is the most respected beauty through the test of time.” According to Jiang Fang, three kinds of women could be written into the historical records, i.e. women who were virtuous, talented and beautiful. Among the Four Great Beauties of Ancient China, Xishi was not written into the historical records; Diaochan was only recorded in the Records of the Three Kingdoms; and Yang Yuhuan had more negative comments than positive ones in the historical records because she caused the downfall of the Tang Dynasty. Wang Zhaojun was the only one getting a myriad of positive comments as she started her journey of peace-making marriage without hesitation.

Hun (an ancient nationality in China) encroached on the border of the territory of Han Dynasty, and therefore, Liu Bang “asked a maid to pretend to be the princess and to marry the chief of Hun” in order to keep peace. “Actually, it was not important whether the daughter was true because she only served as a warranty”, said Jiang Fang. Jiang Fang analyzed that during the reign of Emperor Hanyuan and the civil strife of Hun, Hu Hanye (then chief of Hun)’s sincere pursuit of peace and Emperor Yuan of Han’s desire for friendly relationship through sending a concubine to the former facilitated the peace-making marriage of Wang Zhaojun. Jiang Fang said:” Wang Zhaojun was a special peace-making envoy.”

“In the luxury and cold imperial palace, Wang Zhaojun witnessed the ruthless world without the emperor’s favour. She was tired of the aloof palace and suffered from homesickness. The outstanding woman from ancient Chu State was determined to fight for herself, showing the firmness and stubbornness of Chu people.” The lecture ended with those words by Jiang Fang.

HZAU has held many lectures on Chinese studies aiming at encouraging students to study and inherit the profound Chinese culture. Chinese Studies Forum is sponsored by our Youth League Committee and organized by Humane Education Center of our student union, Chinese Studies Society and Wuhan Lixin Agency. Starting from familiar figures and classics, Chinese Studies Forum leads our students to appreciate the special charm of Chinese studies.

(By Yang KaiYan)