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Canadian Guests Attend HZAU Aquaculture Symposium

Prof. Dominique P. Bureau

Prof. Niel Karrow

Prof. Dominique P. Bureau and Niel Karrow from Canada were invited to HZAU Aquaculture Symposium and delivered academic lectures on 21st October.

Prof. Dominique P. Bureau, head of UG/OWNER Fish Nutrition Research Lab, a joint laboratory established by Natural Resources Canada and University of Guelph, has conducted in-depth studies on the nutrients needed in aquatic feed and proportioning of raw materials. His report started from an analysis of Tilapia feed, which exemplified his idea that only specific nutrients can be utilized by animals, not the ingredients of similar proportion. He continued to prove the possibility replacing fish oil with DHA in Cobia feed formula. He also pointed out that digestibility had a certain relation with raw materials, manufacturing process and animals' growth stage, where there was an urgent need of a sophisticated model to give systematical analysis on the nutrients in feed ingredients.

Prof. Niel Karrow, head of Animal Immunology Lab in University of Guelph, introduced his research on fish's tolerance of lipopolysaccharides(LPS). Taking zebra fish as an example, he further explained the receptors' LPS recognition process in fish immune system, physiological changes in inflammation and the cross tolerance of LPS, which led to the discovery of the tolerance mechanism of LPS. He also raised some new hypotheses about zebra fish on mannose-binding lectin(MBL) promotion, LPS recognition, inflammation alleviation and internal components' reaction during inflammation. At the symposium, teachers and students present also shared their opinions and had a profound discussion with the two scholars.

About Prof. Dominique P. Bureau

Prof. Dominique P. Bureau is the head of UG/OWNER Fish Nutrition Research Lab and a prestigious expert in fish nutrition studies, known for his research in nutrient utilization and aquaculture waste control. He is also one of the ten contributors to the authoritative work in the field of Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp(NRC,2011). His research findings include nutrient (essential amino acids and phosphates) utilization, nutritional value of traditional and new feeds, anti-nutritional factors and feed contaminants, contaminants emission control strategies, environmental factors' influence on fish farming, fish and shrimp growth, and mathematical modeling of nutrient utilization. Prof. Bureau is the reviewer of the core periodicals in aquaculture field and has published over 100 articles on well-known journals.

About Prof. Niel Karrow

Prof. Niel Karrow is the head of Animal Immunology Lab of animal science department in University of Guelph and has conducted substantial researches on animal intestinal ecology and health, animal immune regulation, immune toxicology and molecular immunology, with focus on molecular markers on ruminant inflammatory diseases such as mastitis and johne's disease, the parent body's influence on genetic coding of embryo neural endocrine immune system(NEIS) and its possible intervention on providing nutrition; regulation of newborn animals' intestinal health through probiotics and miRNA; evaluation of immunotoxicity of bacteriotoxin and fungaltoxin compounds. He has directed projects worth over six million CAD in total, in cooperation with enterprises such as the Canadian Dairy Network, Dairy farmers of Ontario, Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency, Ontario Goat, Alltech Inc. and Lallemand Inc. He has also published over 80 papers in animal immunology field and worked together with scholars from the US, Denmark,Brazil and China.

(By WangTing)