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Chief Editor of BMC Medicine Visit HAZU

PhD Sabina Alam, chief editor of BioMed Central Medicine attended the seminar held by the Scientific Research Academy and College of Plant Science and Technology of HZAU and made a speech on "How to write a good paper and get it published" on the afternoon of Oct. 21st, Nanhu News reported.

Sabina Alam made a brief introduction to her team and then discussed the process of examining manuscripts and how to choose a proper journal for contribution.

"If the paper fails to echo the theme of the journal or reach out to the targeted readers or present any breakthroughs, it is unlikely to be published. If the result is not scientifically rational or the argumentation is illogical, it will be directly rejected." She analyzed the reasons for rejection from the editor’s perspective and noted that scientific rationality and creativity should be differentiated.

As for how to choose a proper journal, Sabina Alam believed whether it is credible and suitable for the research should be considered first and then the journal list should be checked. She offered some tips for contribution, "We should not copy others' words and photo, involve commercial profits or violate the ethics."

In conclusion, Sabina Alam encourages students to read more high-quality articles and adopt a proper attitude toward manuscript rejection.

About Sabina Alam

Sabina Alam has a doctoral degree of University of Bath and a post-doc experience at London University. In 2008, she joined BioMed Central and engaged in peer review of the BMC series. She started working as the chief editor of BMC Medicine in 2011.

(By GongWei)