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Conclusion of Key Project of National Social Science Fund

Recently, the key project sponsored by the National Social Science Fund entitled “Research on Price Formation, Fluctuation Mechanism and Regulatory Policy of China’s Fresh Agricultural Products” has been brought to a conclusion by Prof. Li Chongguang who presides over the project as the chief expert. Having met the exemption standards set by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences, it is exempted from assessment procedure.

Based on the research on the features of price fluctuation of fresh produce in the major countries driven by market economy, the project encapsulates price formations and fluctuation mechanisms, patterns, features and factors; formulates the path of price pass-through of fresh agricultural products; establishes the price warning model and the software prototype for the prediction and warning of the price fluctuations of China’s vegetables, fruits and pigs; comments on China’s regulatory policies on the price of fresh agricultural products and suggests that the government should reduce administrative intervention and allow the market to adjust the price of fresh produce.

This is the first time that a national social science fund project has been presided over and completed by HZAU. The research team has fulfilled their tasks and published more than 50 papers on SSCI/SCI/CSSCI journals in 4 years. It has provided continual consultation to government departments at various levels and served the interests of the society.

(By Du Gunwe,Li Borui and Xue Jian)