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Deng Xiuxin Visits Dabei Agricultural Group

Deng Xiuxin, President of HZAU, accompanied by Yao Jianglin, vice-president and head of Department of Plant Sciences visited the headquarters of Dabei Agricultural Group based in Zhongguancun. Doctor Shao Genhuo, President and CEO of Dabei Agricultural Group, warmly received Mr. Deng and his entourage.

During symposium, Mo Hongjian, vice-president of Dabei Agricultural Group, introduced to delegates the history of the group, its industrial structure, scientific innovation, goals in the future as well as the culture and mechanism of the Group. Dabei Agricultural Group is a high-tech agricultural enterprise. Since its founding in 1993, Dabei Agricultural Group, under the guidance of the corporate philosophy of “serving the country through agriculture and seeking for excellence and common development”, has been dedicated to the promotion of modern agricultural development through scientific innovation. The group’s business involves fodder, animal protection, vaccination, boars, biological feeds, seeds and plant protection.

The group attaches importance to its cooperation with HZAU. The bilateral cooperation was initiated in 1995 with scholarship provided. More than 200 employees who graduated from HZAU are now the backbone of the group, said Dr. Shao. He believes Hubei province, the center of Central China, is crucial for the Group’s development. Hubei boasts abundant resources of technology and talents and has a huge potential in agriculture sector. The Group plans to build an innovation center in the Optics Valley in hope of expanding and enhancing cooperation with HZAU.

During the meeting, President Deng reviews HZAU’s cooperation with Dabei Agricultural Group. He appreciates Dabei Agricultural Group’s corporate culture of serving the country through agriculture and speaks highly of the group’s focus on cooperation with universities and scientific institutions. He also thanks the group for its strong support for HZAU in talent cultivation, scientific research and social service. President Deng hopes both parties will seek more common ground that will be conducive to the promotion of regional development and realization of national strategy .

Dr. Shao received President Deng’s invitation to be a representative of entrepreneurs in agricultural industry to join HZAU’s council to offer consultation and suggestions along with other council members.

(By Du Gunwei)