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HZAU Foreign Expert Elected as Senior Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Recently, Prof. Paul Birch, a foreign expert at HZAU, has been elected as the Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, according to University of Dundee, Scotland.

Founded in 1783, Royal Society of Edinburgh is one of five academic societies representing the highest academic standard of England. Natural Science Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh is awarded to distinguished scientists who have made outstanding contributions in their field.

Prof. Paul Birch from University of Dundee is a world-famous molecular plant pathologist, who has been dedicated to the research on molecular interaction mechanism of Late Blight of Potato. Cooperation between his team and our Tomato Development Team has lasted for eight years already. In 2015, Prof. Paul Birch was hired as a "senior foreign expert" by HZAU to work on projects of joint training for PHD students and establishment of an international lab in collaboration with Prof. Tian Zhendong and Prof. Xie Zhenhua. Their joint research results have been published on magazines such as Nature Communications.

(By XueJian)