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Conference on the New Clubroot-Resistant Rapes Breeding

Recently, a conference on the breeding and application of new clubroot-resistant rapes was held in Zhijiang city by Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU), together with the Hubei Province Rape Office and Yichang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The vice president of HZAU Yao Jianglin hosted the meeting, in which more than 50 representatives from 24 institutions attended, including the National Agricultural Technology Center for Oil Plants, Oil Plants Office of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Hubei Oil Plants Office, Hubei Plant Protective Station, Plantation Office of Hubei Agricultural Department and Hubei Seed Administration. Other Participants included Professor Piao Zhongyun from Shenyang Agricultural University,academician Fu Yandong as well as many professors from HZAU.

As a part of this meeting, experts came to Zhijiang demonstration zone to see the new clubroot-resistant rapes nurtured by professors of HZAU. An expert group, led by researcher Li Yunchang, inquired the management process of the field-planting of new rapes, and tested their disease resistance through random sampling. The result showed that the resistance rate of the new variety ZHE-226 stood at 100 percent while that of the control variety Huahang 901 reached 99.75 percent. Experts believed that the new variety had gained the leading position in China in terms of its resistance to clubroot. The development of such variety, which provided valuable resources for the cultivation of new rapes in China, presented application value in the clubroot-hit areas and played an important role in controlling the spread of clubroot.

At the successive exchange meeting concerning comprehensive technologies for clubroot prevention and control, professor Zhang Chunyu from Plant Science College made a report on the cultivation process of the new variety ZHE-226 through long-distance hybridization. Academician Fu Yandong said that scientific research should be forward-looking and it was important to cultivate new clubroot-resistant varieties before massive spread of the disease. Wang Xijun from the National Agricultural Technology Oil Plant Office hoped that relevant departments would work together to develop a series of comprehensive strategies for clubroot prevention and control, with a focus on breeding and a combination of cultivation, plant protection, solid manure and machine.

(By Zhang Anqi)