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International Enterprise-University Seminar Held in HZAU

International Enterprise-and-university seminar of China, Canada and Indonesia was held in College of Fisheries of HZAU on February24th. Faculty from HZAU College of Fisheries, Prof. Dominique P. Bureau from University of Guelph, Canada, Dr. Petrus Hidayat, general manager from Aquaculture Department of Japfa Comfeed Group, Indonesia, and Dr. Yang Yong, President of Lian Hao Group exchanged ideas on aquaculture research and development. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Li Dapeng and Zhang Shaodong, Party Secretary of College of Fisheries, delivered opening remarks and introduced the developments of aquaculture.

Prof. Bureau gave a report on "Modeling Growth and Feed Requirements of Fish and Shrimp under Commercial Conditions: Matching Scientific Data and Practical Data to Improve Efficiency and Sustainability". Dr. Petrus Hidayat and Dr. Yang Yong introduced international development strategies of their companies respectively. Six teachers from HZAU made reports on the research developments of healthy aquaculture, environmental protection, fish feed research and development, aquaculture environment adjustment, nutritional requirements of aquatic animals, fish breeding, fish immunology and disease control, and fisheries resources conservation. Experts from the three countries discussed on the reports and the future developments of enterprise-university academic exchanges. At last, representatives from the three countries reached an initial agreement on the establishment of international aquaculture scientific research and innovation base. The complete success of the seminar opened the gate for international cooperation and communication among China, Canada and Indonesia.

Links: Prof. Dominique P. Bureau is the Laboratory Director of Fish Threpsology in University of Guelph and Natural Resources Ontario, and a famous expert in nutrient utilization and aquaculture waste control in fish threpsology. Having published over 100 papers, he is the editor and reviewer of core journals in aquaculture and is one of the authors of Nutrient Requirements of Fish and Shrimp.

Japfa Group, headquartered in Singapore and founded in 1971, is an Indonesian listed company specializing in feed industry. Japfa is engaged in animal feed production, poultry and livestock breeding, product processing and aquaculture. It is a leading agricultural product producer in Asian markets. Production bases of Japfa scatter in Asian countries with large markets such as China, Indonesia and India. PT Suri Tani Pemuka, Japfa Group focuses on the production of fish feed and breeding of exported shrimp.

(Translated by Huang Yulin)