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Winter Vacation Life on Campus: Read and Reap

For most university students, winter vacation means a cozy life at home, accompanied by families and friends. But not for

some students whose hometown is too remote to be back. Many HZAU students will stay on campus in winter vacation and their

company will be books. On February 17th, they shared feelings and reflections in the book club founded by their own.

On their book list there are a variety of books, including historical ones like Fighting to the Bitter End, philosophical

ones like Sophie's World, biographical ones like Putin Biography and books of other kinds like Life and Ordinary World.

Gazhen, a Tibetan boy from College of Biological Sciences and Technology, shared his understanding of Ordinary World,

“Life is an endless struggle. You feel fulfilled only when you spare no efforts to pursue a chosen goal.”

Miti, a Xinjiang student, shared with us his timetable and reading plan in this winter. He gets up at 6:00. After a morning

jog around the tranquil South Lake and breakfast, he would begin his whole-day reading. In the twenty-day vacation he

finished five books including Putin Biography, Day Seven and Brothers. He said that it was the third winter on campus for

him, and reading helped to broaden his knowledge and make vacation life more meaningful.

The students also received support from the university. School leaders headed by Tang Jun, the Deputy Secretary of HZAU

Party Committee , visited and talked with them in dormitories on February 2nd. After learning their reading plan, Tang Jun

spoke highly of their ideas and decided to provide three books for each student on behalf of the university.

(Translated by Wang Ting)