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HZAU Held Seminar on Insecticide Resistance Control

HZAU held the 2015 Annual Review on Crop Pest Resistance Monitor and Control Technology Research and Demonstration Project and the Seminar on Insecticide Resistance Control from Jan. 17th to 19th. Representatives from National Agricultural Technology Promotion and Service Center, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Chinese Academy of Science and China Agricultural University were present.

Mei Fangzhu, director of Natural Science Department under the Office of Scientific Research and Development delivered opening remarks. He said research on crop pest resistance monitor and control is the basis of that on crop protection, and lays foundation for extension of pesticides life, rationality of their choice and stringency of their use. In the new era, we should seize the opportunity in pest resistance control to increase agricultural output. Leaders from 17 institutes joining in the project including CAU, NAU and Hubei Academy of Agricultural Science reported their achievements and expenditure during the project respectively and took questions on site.

Song Baoan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering commented on the progress of the project. He noted since its commencement the research team has worked together and continued to grow, making prominent contribution to agricultural development. He also gave advice for the next stage of the project: First, evaluating the resistance and risk of usual types and make clear of the tendency of pest resistance; second, expanding the pilot area of scientific research, technology and method, truly benefiting farmers and agriculture.

Participants also discussed the insecticide resistance control against the new background. Wang Jianqiang, Director of Crop Cultivation Management Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, stated the significance of pesticide resistance research with a case study of the outburst of crop pest since the 1990s in China. He concluded that insecticide resistance research had found out the status quo of resistant pesticide usage and pesticide resistance and the mechanism of insecticide resistance. Besides, the researchers conducted technical demonstration covering an area of 60 thousand mu and all the main crops, expanded the information channel through innovation like setting website, and made breakthrough in promotion and application of scientific knowledge and information. During the 13th 5-year plan, the focus should be on further strengthening systematical plan, simplifying research method, forming knowledge model, and building monitoring system, in order to incorporate pest resistance monitoring into pest overall control.

(Translated by Gong Wei)