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Dr Zhou Hufeng from Harvard Medical School Visits HZAU

Dr Zhou Hufeng from Harvard Medical School and Affiliated Hospital of Harvard Medical School visited College of Life Science and Tecnology at the invitation of Professor Li Guo Liang . Introduced by professor Zhang Hong Yu, Dr Zhou delivered a lecture Computational Studies of Host-Pathogen Interactions–A case studyof H.sapiens–M. tuberculosis system to students and faculty in the meeting room 314.

Dr Zhou Hufeng introduced his research and achievements in the field of host-pathogen protein interactions across species with the example of interaction between tuberculosis and human. As a major contributor to diseases, the study of Host-Pathogen is of great significance in human disease and anthropozoonosis.

M.tuberculosis, commonly known as tuberculosis, is the pathogenic?bacteria causing tuberculosis. It can penetrate into all human organs, but is commonly seen in lungs. Up till now, tuberculosis remains an important infectious disease. Zhou hu feng began by introducing the reliability and applicability of data about interaction between M.tuberculosis and host protein obtained through experiments in existing public databases and makes systematic comments on advantages and limitations of computing methods in light of predictive algorithm of protein interaction across species. Then he presented his independently-developed IntPath Signal Pathway Database. In the end, he analyzed how to effectively predict the protein interaction between M.tuberculosis and host with protein structure domain information sequence homology. The methods shed light on the studies of animal and aquatic life diseases.

Dr Zhou ‘s study aroused interest and discussions of teachers from school of life science, fisheries science, animal science and animal medicine. In the Q&A section, Dr Zhou took questions from teachers and discussed future cooperation with the faculty.

Links: Dr. Zhou Hufeng is an alumni of HZAU. He gained his doctor degree of Computer Science in National University of Singapore and worked as a pos-doc in Harvard University in 2013. Dr. Zhou is now a lecturer in HMS.

(Translated by Ying Jiawen)