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The National Foreign Language Teaching Seminar of Agricultural Universities and Colleges Was Held in HZAU

Chongguang Li was delivering a speech.

Professor Yonglin Yang from Tsinghua University was delivering a speech.

The annual conference

Lecturing Contest

On December 26th and 27th, 2015, the National Foreign Language Teaching Seminar of Agricultural Universities and Colleges was held in the meeting room on the 6th floor of the International Academic Exchange Center in HZAU. The meeting centered upon how to develop college English teaching under the new situation of internet-based teaching, during which we held National English Lecturing Contest of agricultural colleges and universities for the first time.

Jiangfan Chen, the deputy chief editor of China Agriculture Press, Caihua Zhang, the president of the National Foreign Language Teaching Seminar of Agricultural Universities and Colleges, and professor Yonglin Yang from the Foreign Language College of Tsinghua University, attended the opening ceremony. Experts and scholars from China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, also attended the seminar.

The Vice President of HZAU Chongguang Li, delivered an opening speech. President Li extended a warm welcome to the participants on behalf of HZAU, and briefly introduced the history of our university, the history evolution and discipline development of the School of Foreign Languages, and gave his opinions on the reform and development of foreign language teaching during the “Thirteenth Five-year Plan”.

How to teach college English in the era of internet+? Professor Yang, from the Tsinghua University, pointed out that "facing the challenge of Internet + era on traditional English teaching, an important task of college English writing reform was to use information technology, improving college English practicability and teachers' professional quality, stimulating students’ interest in writing and achieving the goal of innovative teaching, by utilizing intelligence and resources."

Yuhuan Wang, a representative from Qingdao Agricultural University, made a special report on "Research and Practice on Diversified Curriculum System of College English ". She introduced the English teaching model of Qingdao Agricultural University with characteristics of "3 + 1 + x", and showed textbook compilation results. Youyi Ming, a representative from Nanjing Agricultural University, delivered a speech on "Facing Reality, Resisting Stress, Promoting Reform and Meeting Challenge", and introduced his opinions on the problems faced by current college English teaching and the ways to reform.

Xiaojun Yao, dean of the School of Foreign Languages in HZAU, made a special report on "academic English reading and discussion courses of doctors". He introduced the special English teaching mode for doctoral students in our school—the content and characteristics of academic English reading and discussion courses. Yongzhi Long, deputy editor of China Agriculture Press, made a report on "English teaching materials compilation" and wished success to teachers attending the Lecturing Contest.

In addition, we held the first National English Lecturing Contest of Agricultural Colleges and Universities. Nineteen English teaching contestants competed for nearly 6 hours. After two rounds, Jingjie Miao from Shandong Agricultural University, ultimately won the first prize, and Huiting Zhai and Lei Du from HZAU respectively won the second and the third prize.

(Translated by Wang Jingjing)