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"Fraser cup" Biological Information Project Design Competition Closed

Team Prensentation

Award Presentation

The second"Fraser cup” Biological Information Project Design Competition finals was held in the College Students' Activity CenterLecture Hall on the morning of Nov. 26th. Many distinguished professionals present as judges attended this competition, including Professor Xie Zhixiong from College of Life Science of Wuhan University, Professor Ning Kang from College of Life Science and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST), CTO( Chief Technology Officer)--- Doctor Zhu Shijie of Wuhan Fraser Genetic Information Co. Ltd, Professor Yan Shunping from College of Life Science and Technology and Professor Li Guoliang from School of Information of Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU).

The theme of this competition was "You Make the World Better". Six teams that entered the finals presented PPT reports in the following aspects: the research of Bioinformatics and Biological means on mechanism of genetic diseases, human pathogenic site selection, gene mutation and expression differences and gene mutation seeking, the function determination of Crop A genome and mutant straindifferential expression genes, complex genome assembling and mutation.

After the presentations of each team, the judges put forward opinions and suggestions and discussed details with the competitors. The judges encouraged the participants to keep questioning and improving and make their subjects better and more logic through cooperation and heated discussion.

Wang Wen, a contestant from the School of Science and Technology, indicated that though she was not the winner, she understood the importance of team work through the match. Every team member searched documents and then discussed intensely until 4 o’clock in the morning. In the process, she read more than 50 foreign documents, which led to a more thorough understanding of biology and bioinformatics.

In the end, the team members——Chen Lu (Master of Genomics), Luo Liangyun (Master of Genetics) and Han Linqian(Bachelor of Agriculture)won the first prize and a bonus of 30000 RMB. The second and third places were rewarded with 10000 RMB and 6000 RMB respectively. He Xishun, Secretary of Party Committee of College of Life Science and Technology, and Chen Dongsheng, the General Manager of Fraser Genetic Information Co. Ltd issued the awards and certificates. This competition is held by College of Life Science and Technology in HZAU, and co-held by School of Information and Fraser Genetic Information Co. Ltd.

(Translated by Fu Changran)