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HZAU Signed Agreement of Cooperation with Huada Gene

A seven-member team paid a visit to Huada Gene Institute(HGI) in Shengzheng from May 15th to 16th, including Mr Deng Xiuxin, President of HZAU and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr Zhang Qifa, academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, Mr Wang Congyan, standing member of HZAU party committee and officials from the Dean’s Office, Office of Development and Planning and the Department of Information. Wang Jian, President of HGI, Mei Yonghong, Director General of Huada Agricultural Group and Director of National Gene Bank received the delegation and the Strategic Framework Agreement for Cooperation had been signed.

The delegation visited National Gene Bank and Huada Gene Museum and were briefed upon the development, organization and research achievements of Huada Gene.

In the meeting on the morning of May 16th, Mei Yonghong HGI expressed the hope to draw upon the advantage and influence of HZAU to facilitate its development and create a better future for China’s agriculture. Zhang Qifa emphasized that the focus of cooperation should be upon the scientific and technological innovation. The two sides should make joint efforts to develop green agriculture backed by National Gene Bank and existing technologies. Deng Xiuxin pointed out that HZAU would deepen cooperation with research institutes with open mind, adopt an inclusive teaching approach, reform the educational and training mode and promote cooperation to put research results into use. The two sides had in-depth discussions on agricultural development, public health, food nutrition and health and Belt and Road Initiative.

On behalf of the two sides, Geng Xiuxin and Mei Yongmei signed the Strategic Framework Agreement for Cooperation and inaugurated the Recruitment Base for Graduates and Teaching-Internship Center.

President Deng Xiuxin reviewed the friendship with 30 alumni from HGI and Shengzhen Fraternity Association on the afternoon of May 16th. HGI is employing 128 HZAU alumni, among which over 70 are working in Shengzheng. HZAU alumni recalled their happy time in university and looked forward into the future with their expectation of closer cooperation between the two sides. The two academicians encouraged the alumni to actively engage in innovation and entrepreneurship to live the life to the full.

(By Ying Jiawen)