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Ohio State University Art Troupe Presents a Great Show

The Lion Mountain Evening Art Show, hosted by the Youth League Committee and organized by the Art Troupe of our school, was held in Students Center Ballroom on the night of May 3rd. And the Art Troupe from Ohio State University brought us wonderful performances.

They showed a 40-minute exciting dancing series called “Step Dancing” at the Art Show. During their performance, they were stepping on the stage neatly with their tap shoes, beating on the floor energetically with a bright, breezy and undulating rhythm, and singing loudly at times along with the strong background music. Audiences were applauding and chanting for the amazing show, and some were even recording videos with their cell phones.

After their stunning show, we also gave wonderful Chinese-characteristic performances – students from Tea Act Association, Martial Arts Association, and Chinese spared no effort to show the profound Chinese culture and the extremely charming Chinese art on the stage. And in the interactive session, some audiences joined to learn the brilliant “Step Dancing” from the dancers on the stage.

“I’m so happy to be here giving a show to our Chinese counterparts. Though I was sweating a lot when dancing, the only thing I could feel was the enthusiasm of the audiences. And actually there are many Chinese students in America, so I think there should be more cultural exchange between us”, said Rj Ball, one of the performers of Ohio State University.

Luke, a foreign teacher from School of Foreign Languages, told us that Ohio State University was his Alma Mater, “I came here just to watch the show, and I’m so proud of them — their performance was excellent! I was totally attracted by the charming Chinese culture after watching the shows given by students from Huazhong Agricultural University, and I hope there would be an opportunity for them to give Chinese-featured shows in Ohio State University.”

(By Xue Jian)

(Instructor: Yuan Yinfeng)