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A Subject Supported by National Sci-Tech Support Plan Passes Inspection

On April 29th, experts from Department of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education inspected a subject “Creation and Application of Functional Peptide Products” hosted by Professor Peng Jian, College of Animal Sciences & Technology, and supported by National Sci-Tech Support Plan.

Representatives from Xiamen University, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Institute of Genetics and Development Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation, etc. attended the meeting.

The task and finance of the subject received inspection. Experts gave their inspection opinions after listening to the subject reports, reading relevant materials and conducting discussions. They agreed that the project could pass inspection with its efficient management, proper use of its fund and fulfillment of its criteria. They believed that the subject focused on major national concerns such as food safety, ecological security and health and safety, complied with the principle of environment-friendliness, safety, effectiveness and high production, created pressing key technologies in feed industry and produced new feed additive with proprietary IPR, promoting the production level and development of China’s feed industry. They also expressed that the subject could increase the income of farmers and make for the development of husbandry in China.

(By Li Borui)

(Instructor: Yuan Yinfeng)