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“ofo bicycle” Settles in HZAU

Little yellow bikes stand orderly

Little yellow bike outside the canteen

Exclusive “identity number” and code lock

Postgraduate bridegroom is taking home his bride with little yellow bike

On April 20th, over one hundred ofo bicycles appeared in our university. Students give them the nickname of “little yellow bicycles” to show their affection. And these bicycles enjoy great popularity. Until April 25th, ofo bicycles are officially available to all teachers and students. Zhao Hang, operation director of the company which introduced “little yellow bicycle” and Sun Sida, director of the recycle program in our university respond to questions like why such bicycles appear, and what difference they will make to us.

“ofo bicycles are available to all teachers and students. The advantage of our recycle program is to meet the demand of maximum number of people with least resources. Introduction of ofo bicycles can help our program to recycle the abandoned bicycles and save lots of resources.” Sun Sida said.

He added that it’s very easy and convenient to use ofo bicycles. “Every bicycle has its own identity number, QR code and code lock. You just need to scan the QR code and apply for membership in the Wechat official account. Then, you will get a code after you input the number of the bicycle. Input the code on the code lock and then you can use it.

In term of the charges, Zhao Hang said: “The charge is quite low actually. 1 fen per minute, 8 fen per kilometer, and 2 Yuan a time at most. It’s nearly free at the first several uses with the red packets and coupons given by the company. Besides, you can pay by Wechat and park at any place and needn’t return them to where you borrowed. ”

As for precautions of using ofo bicycles, Zhao Hang stressed that students are not allowed to ride off campus. “There is GPS in these bicycles and your account will be invalidated once you ride off. About safety, our company is responsible for all the safety accidents related. Besides, maintenance and repairing is also our duty. ”

Now, it has been more than three weeks since the advent of ofo bicycles. They have become a big hit in our university. Students say that little yellow bicycles have facilitated their lives greatly and have become a dispensable part of their lives. A graduate bridegroom even takes his bride home with his friends by riding ofo bicycles. How romantic and eco-friendly!

(By Zhang Ying &GuoHaiyan)