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Science Camp Opens to Explore the Secret of DNA

HZAU’s Science Camp was officially opened on April 23rd. Over 70 pupils from different primary schools in Wuhan came to the College of Life Science and Technology, the program’s initiator, to attend its very first activity.

Interesting Science Classes Inspire Divergent Thinking

“Hello, welcome to our S-Camp, today we’re gonna talk about the magic DNA.” Li Weilin, the associate professor from the College, greeted the pupils.

She introduced, biology involves the kingdom of plant, animal, fungi, monera, and protista. She also talked about the various creatures on the planet (human body, cells, the structure of cells, and the chromosome DNA) and illustrated with many lively examples that heredity is the masterpiece of DNA .

Li explained the genetic inheritance with the typical example of single-fold and double-fold eyelid. Besides, she analyzed the cause of hereditary disease, namely the hereditary information inside the DNA, with the hemophilia case in Queen Victoria’s family.

In the adventure of magic DNA, the S-Camp opened a window for curiosity-oriented learning.

Magic DNA Extraction Process Surprises All

As the experiment goes on, the pupils are amazed at its process so much that they all ask for a try. “Surprisingly, its leaf is no longer soft, just like cookies”, says Li Jinpeng, a 6-grade pupil from Shamaoshan Primary School.

Since the subsequent step needs a 30-minite-heating in water, the pupils keep reminding Prof. Li not to mix their centrifuge tubes up during the waiting time. Afterward, they raise their own centrifuge tubes against the light, observe the flocculent chromosome carefully and asked the teacher for further help.

While waiting for the result, volunteers together with the pupils sang songs of TFboys (a very popular teenage singing group) to activate the atmosphere.

Parents Think Highly of S-Camp

“Dad! Prof. Li praised my job! The flocculent chromosome in the tube is very clear, I wanna take it home!” says Hu Juncheng, a 4-grade pupil from Tiyuguan Primary School. His childish words make everyone burst into laughter.

“Kefu asked me to buy him a microscope and books about genetics. The charm of science is so amazing.” his mother says.

S-Camp is a brand-new program HZAU launched this year to popularize science among young students. All primary and secondary school students in Wuhan are welcomed to sign up online (QQ group: 460108871) to join the camp.

(By Liu Mengling & Guo Haiyan)