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World Water Day: “Keep the South Lake Clean”

Youth League Committee of HZAU

Inspection tour around the South Lake

Water quality monitoring

Water quality analysis

In order to answer the call of a “natural university” proposed by the environmental protection organization, the volunteer center of the Youth League Committee of HZAU hosted a public service activity titled “ Keep the South Lake Clean” on the afternoon of March 20th, during the 24th World Water Day.

Many years ago, the South Lake was crystal clear. In recent years, however, the lake has been covered under a cloak of “spinach soup”, as the degree of pollution goes far beyond the purification capacity of the water itself due to such facts as the development of surrounding buildings, the piling of fish-farming chemical fertilizer and the discharge of domestic sewage. “We feel annoyed by the stinky smell from the South Lake whenever we run around the lake in summer.”, said Wu Quanshu, a landscape architecture major student, who thought alike with many other peers.

“Water is of great value to humans and plays a role in the ecological circle. As water is closely related to us, the danger of water pollution is beyond measure. As such, everyone is responsible for the protection of water resource”, said Professor Shen Jianzhong of Fisheries College before the event. Guided by him, over 50 volunteers and party planners started to walk around the South Lake to inspect its water quality.

The direct discharge of sewage in our aquaculture base has been greatly changed. At the moment, with the state’s fund, the polluted water is diverted into particular pipes where it can be treated effectively before discharge, thus greatly improved the water quality in the surroundings.

“ Despite some improvements in the water quality of the South Lake, more efforts need to made In this aspect so that we can swim in the lake some day. We are looking forward to a cleaner lake”, said a tourist who was fishing on the bank.

Guided by Shen, participants measured the water quality with measuring-bags and recorded data for discussion. The findings shows that part of the South Lake is turbid and gives off stinky smell with poor water quality. “When it comes to quality improvement, we need to, on the one hand, make cyclic use of nutritive salt precipitated on the lake bottom, and on the other hand, bring Yangtze River water into the lake for purification and build networks connecting six lakes with East Lake as the center”, said Shen, “The key to this issue is that we need to raise people’s awareness of water protection and encourage them to take action through publicity.”

(By Zhang Anqi)