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Five Concepts——Layout of Thirteenth Five Year Plan of HZAU

Guided by five new development concepts, namely, innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, HZAU tries to tackle difficulties on the way of development, and consolidate our development advantages to achieve the development goals in a new era. As the essence and principles for the compilation and implementation of HZAU Thirteenth Five Year Plan, these five concepts penetrate through each step in various fields during its development cause.

Inspire the vigor of the university through innovation. We should insist in putting innovation in the central place in the development, and constantly promote innovation from all sides, for instance, rules and regulations, science and technology as well as culture. We should adopt evolutionary ideas in teaching, cadre and personnel system, and launch Shuoyan program (master-doctor continuous study) and the staff development program to stimulate creativity of staff. In this way we can deepen comprehensive reform in an all-round way. To educate students comprehensively, we should conduct innovative cultivating mechanism, implement the first-rate personnel training plan, establish a flexible system, and vigorously advance the education centering on innovation and entrepreneurship. With a view to improving innovation-driven ability, we bring forth new ideas to science and technology system, and implement plans to improve capability of independent innovation. We should promote the modernization of the school governance system and capacity by making changes to the internal governance structure and management system. Also, we should boost the innovation of the resource allocation mechanism, fully tap the potential of resources, and actively enhance resources utilization.

Optimize the disciplinary structure through coordinated development. Pay more attention to the adjustment of preponderant disciplines on the back of strong basic subjects; highlight the nutritional health and food safety in the agricultural industry chain and food value chain; enrich the research kinds of animals and plants, increase the life science disciplines, and explore the biomedicine; pay more attention to cross-synthesis of subjects, the development of new growth points, and connection reinforcement between subject and industry chains. We should stabilize the scale of undergraduates, adjust the structure and connotation of traditional agricultural majors and optimize the enrollment structure; actively develop education of graduates and international students, endeavor to increase Doctor conferrable points, optimize and increase Master conferrable points, broaden professional areas and increase strategy-based majors. And we should also scale up teachers, and constantly optimize the discipline and human resources structure.

Lead school management with green development. We should follow the laws of teaching and students’ somatopsychic development, promote all-round and sound development of students. This is our starting point and ultimate goal. Taking connotative development and high quality teaching as the keys, we should implement internationalization and information strategies, focusing on HAZU characteristics, talents, high quality as well as science and technology. More emphasis should be put on cultivation of green concepts, education of ecological civilization, establishment of disciplines related to ecological environment. In this way we can build the environmental culture system featured by ecology, humanity and popularization of science. Efforts should also be made to create a sound and clean atmosphere to reinforce Party’s construction where nurtured by core values, the teachers devote themselves in teaching and educating, while the students strive to gain knowledge, cultivate morality, obtain discernment and uprightness. We cannot forget to combat corruption and uphold integrity, and construct a corruption-punishing and -preventing system where faculty has no guts, ability, nor intention to commit corruption.

Expand school-running resources with openness. We should implement development plans on international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate introductions of foreign talents, vigorously promote university-industry cooperation, and establish diversified mechanism to press ahead with cooperation among schools, institutes, enterprises, and areas. We should explore new school-running mechanism with social participation, continue to improve the Council, Alumni Association, education development foundation, establish and improve the long-term mechanism with social support to supervise the development of the school, and actively seek evaluation from social institutions towards disciplines and majors in HAZU.

Facilitate the comprehensive development of faculty with sharing. Led by concepts of inclusive development, we should conduct layered development through disciplines; developing field and emerging inter disciplines. We should improve contribution-based mechanism of human resources allocation and contract-based mechanism of systematic management and evaluation. And we should also construct educational system of innovative talents on different levels and in various kinds. Information-based plans should be launched to promote the supply and sharing of high quality education resources, coupled with curriculum, teachers, scientific research base, large-scale equipment, and science and technology resources. To safeguard the faculty’s livelihood, we should establish a remuneration growth mechanism suited to school reality, further improve the treatment of in-service teachers and retirees. We should also perfect the subsidy policy to help the faculty and staff with financial difficulties.

(By Fu Changran)