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National Large Scale Aquaculture Seminar Held in HZAU

The Eighth National Large Scale Aquaculture Seminar was held on March 26th at the international academic exchange center of HZAU. Leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, including Yao Jianglin, vice president of HZAU, and Xie Shouqi, deputy director of Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS attended the seminar.

Yao Jianglin gave a brief introduction to HZAU with “three-features” and “six-ones”, and pointed out that “health” was the fundamental requirement of aquaculture industry development, and the theme of this seminar which conformed to the public needs of food security would facilitate the development of aquaculture industry. He mentioned that healthy aquaculture was keeping the fish healthy and the water clean as well as ensuring that the public have access to healthy and safe aquatic products.

Ruan Yibing, a HZAU alumnus and general manager of Wuhan Keyang Biotechnology Co. Ltd. who sponsored the seminar, concluded that the large scale aquaculture seminar had been held for the eighth year running, and many investigations, researches and exchanges were carried out centering on two core issues of “production and water quality improvement” . “I hope that we can further strengthen the cooperation and interaction with HZAU to advance personnel training and the development of the industry,” Ruan said.

Xie Shouqi shared technology information with participants and offered some advice about the current situation, future development and problems to be solved. Prof. Fan Qixue delivered a report on the culture technology and ecological rehabilitation of mandarin fish. He said, “The new type of aquaculture aims to breed the fish fry with multiple advantages including sound health, eye-pleasing shape and strong disease resistance.” Associate professor Yang Ruibin spoke about the culture technique and ecological rehabilitation on yellow catfish. Liu Yinhan analyzed the relations between smart aquaculture and Internet thinking. Shi Zhixiong had a further exploration on the large scale healthy aquaculture model, disease control, and application of new technologies.

The seminar was hosted by HZAU and sponsored by Wuhan Keyang Biotechnology Co.Ltd. for the purpose of enhancing the exchanges of the idea and technology of healthy aquaculture within the industry.

(Translated by Hunag Yulin)