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A NSSFC Key Project Rated as Excellent

The key project, led by HZAU’s Prof. Zhong Zhangbao, funded by NSSFC--- Research on Rural Pension Security has been concluded and rated as excellent.

Adopting people-oriented scientific outlook on development, the project applies literature research and empirical research approach. Researchers analyzed the economic and social bases for China’s rural pension security in different periods, the effect of family, society and national government on rural pension security and their relations. They explored the unique and common features of rural pension security in various periods. Through a survey involving 1599 farmers in 5 provinces, 22 towns and 58 administration villages in China, the project presents rural residents’ view, willingness of filial piety ,demonstrates the motivation and internal and external factors of elderly support and illustrates the operating mechanism and evolution trend of Chinese rural pension security during the transitional period.

The research has been granted the third prize of the Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research (Humanities and Social Science) and the second prize of the Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research in Hubei province. 31 articles have been published in CSSCI periodicals such as Sociological Studies where some important proposals had been cited for more than 200 times.

(Translated by Gong Wei)