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HZAU: Another Harvest in NSFC of 2016

Recently, Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) received another harvest in the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) after the NSFC Committee announced the 2016 NSFC appraisal results of the concentrated acceptance period. As of August 17, HZAU has got 184 projects approvals, with direct fund of RMB 88,895,800.

Prof. Xie Kabin from College of Plant Sciences & Technology and Senior Research Professor Liu Chunsheng from College of Fisheries were awarded the grants from National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; Prof. Deng Xiuxin form College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences, Prof. Cai Chongfa from College of Resources & Environment and Prof. Wu Changyin from College of Life Sciences & Technology were awarded the grants from Key Programs; Prof. Zhou Rui from College of Animal Sciences & Technology/College of Veterinary Medicine was awarded grants from Key International (Regional) Joint Research Program respectively. HZAU has totally got 178 projects approvals, including 98 projects from General Program, 77 projects from National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars program, 2 projects from the Research Fund for International Young Scientists program and 1 project from International (Regional) Cooperation and Exchange Program (International Conference Grant).

The approved projects belong to different science departments, including 129 projects in Department of Life Science, 19 projects in Department of Earth Sciences, 10 projects in Department of Management Science, 8 projects in Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 7 projects in Department of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 6 projects in Department of Chemical Sciences, 3 projects in Department of Information Sciences and 2 projects in Department of Medical Sciences.

The announced results are from the concentrated acceptance period of 2016 by NSFC, meanwhile part of projects are still under review or approval. Further information on the results is waiting for release such as some projects in National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars program, Major Research Program, Special Fund Program, International (regional) Cooperative Research Project of some organizations and Joint Fund Projects.

(By Hu Wendie)