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2016 Opening Ceremony of HZAU

On the morning of September 2nd, the opening ceremony of our university was held in the gymnasium. University party secretary Li Zhongyun, vice president Gao Chi, Wu Ping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Fu Tingdong, distinguished alumnus Yang Hongsheng and distinguished professor Yin Ping attended the ceremony. President Deng Xiuxin also extended his warm greeting from Beijing.

Ceremony started with the majestic national anthem.

Li extended his warm welcome to all the 4,670 undergraduate students, 2,508 graduate students and 140 international students. He emphasized that the University blessed with talented professors and abundant collections is an ideal place for learning, researching and cultivation. The motto, “Industrious in learning, vigorous in practice, eminent in society and inspirational in life” encourages us to pursue knowledge and life goals.

Li also shared three suggestions to spend a meaningful college life. First, exploration. Every student needs to find a goal and lay a solid foundation in their study. Second, persistence. He encouraged everyone to treat difficulties and setbacks as treasures in our life. Last, responsibilities. We all should be responsible for our nation, career and society.

Then, deputy director of Institute of Oceanology, Yang Hongsheng addressed on the ceremony. He recalled his college life and work experiences and enlightened every student to stay hungry and stay foolish. He also hoped that all the freshmen can adhere to the combination of theory and practice to make dreams come true.

Prof. Yin Ping from College of Life Science and Technology shared his stories in HZAU. He said this is where people who have dream, where we get our effort paid, where we start a wonderful life, and where we influence and get influenced. He encouraged students to find their own goal and enjoy the process.

Postgraduate student Zhao Menglin from College of Resources and Environment shared, “In the ‘Olympics’ of Chasing dreams, Educational Background is bronze medal, Capability is silver medal, Actual Strength is golden medal, and your own personality is ACE”. Lin Di from College of Economic and Business said: “we should forge ahead together without forgetting initial dream, then make our glories with ‘our prehistorical power’ in study.” International student Mahmoud Khalil from College of Animal Science and Medical gave his thanks to the Chinese government and HZAU for giving this opportunity to study here. He would be industrious in his research and achieve his dream.

Surprise birthday Party is definitely the most charged scene when all present sang birthday songs and gave their best wishes to 19 birthday students. The fine books from the university are the gifts from the University.

The Opening Ceremony ended with our school song sung together by all.

(By Pan Xiangcheng)