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Wuhan Publicity Week on Energy Conservation Launched at HZAU

On the morning of 15th June, 2016 Wuhan Publicity Week and the Low-carbon Event organized by the Development and Reform Commission(DRC) of Wuhan was officially launched at HZAU, the undertaker. Over 300 people from all walks of life in Wuhan took part in the activity. Leaders of Wuhan DRC, as well as Wu Ping, the vice president of HZAU, and the university office director Wang Congyan, attended the ceremony.

Ms. Wu made a speech on behalf of HZAU. She first briefly introduced the thrift education philosophy and the specific measures that HZAU has taken in promoting an energy-saving oriented university from six aspects: giving priority to Top Design, enhancing the basic management, promoting the energy-saving technology, strengthening supervision on energy efficiency, guiding the public opinion, and making the best use of renewable resources. She said, HZAU would reinforce the management, update the technology, and popularize the education on energy-conservation in accordance with principles of green, coordinated and sustainable development. Besides, HZAU would further accelerate the building of a conservation-oriented campus, and contribute more to a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.

At the launching ceremony, student representative from HZAU read out the proposal on the energy-conservation campaign on behalf of all the college students in Wuhan. All the attendees spoke highly of HZAU’s effort in energy-conservation when visiting rainwater dealing pool in the teaching and research base, and the I-streetlights in teaching area.

It is said that HZAU has been focusing on energy saving and emission reduction for more than 10 years. It has set up leading group and organized volunteers to check the use of water and guarantee timely feedback and in-time repair. What’s more, HZAU has improved the irrigation system and the utilization rate of water, and built campus energy-saving monitoring platform through the technology reform. In the past six years, the water consumption per capita has realized a negative growth for 6 years in a row, even with 25.3% increase of the campus floor area, 179.8% for scientific research fund and 33.6% for energy consumers. All the achievements justify HZAU’s many awards on energy saving and emission reduction.

(By Liu Mengling)