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2016 HZAU’s Commencement & Degree Conferring Ceremony Ends

The Venue of Commencement Ceremony

Graduates in Academic Dress

President’s Opening Address to Graduates

Speech from undergraduate representative

Speech from doctoral student representative

Speech from foreign student representative

On 19th June, 2016 HZAU’s commencement ceremony & degree days was held in gym, and the vice president Gao Chi hosted the ceremony. President Deng Xiuxin and members of school academic degree evaluation committee attended the ceremony. In 2016, 4185 undergraduates and 1836 graduates completed their study and would leave HZAU for a new journey in life.

On the commencement ceremony, President Deng Xiuxin expressed his congratulations to the graduates and respect to their parents, teachers and friends. He also shared words with the graduates.

First was to be independent. Growing up usually means shouldering greater responsibility, and he hoped graduates could be responsible for themselves, their family and the society. Secondly, he expected graduates to continue to study. The graduation doesn’t mean the end of study. On the contrary, graduates need to learn more in society, which called for their curiosity and exploration. Thirdly, President Deng also stressed that students should make their contributions to the society, and followed the school motto “practice and learn, achieve and help achieve”. In the end, Deng hoped that all the graduates could serve the people and make contributions to realize Chinese Dream.

(By Zhuang Jing)