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Prof.Li Attends Legislative Advisory Conference on Farmer Professional Cooperatives

On June 6th, expert seminar on Farmer Professional Cooperatives Law (exposure draft on amendment) and the 14th Legislative Expert Advisory Conference of China Law Society opened in Beijing. Prof.Li Changjian, deputy dean of College of Humanities & Social Sciences of HZAU, attended the conference and shared his perspectives.

As the first law regulating farmer’s professional cooperatives, Farmer Professional Cooperatives Law has promoted and guaranteed the development of farmer’s professional cooperatives and played an active role in safeguarding farmer’s interests since the law came into effect. However, with the ever-growing market economy and increasing demand for better performance of farmers and rural agriculture, changes have been made to cooperatives in their form and where they should go. Previous Farmer Professional Cooperatives Law which influences the market order and the modernization of agricultural production fails to keep up with the development of contemporary farm cooperatives. Therefore, it ought to be improved.

In recent years, experts and scholars’ participating in the law-making process has become a trend. For one thing, their expertise and professional knowledge largely serve as a think tank that makes legislation increasingly democratic and scientific. For another, these scholars taking a neutral stand in the process of legislating, to a certain extent, can represent the interests of the general public and act as a counterbalance against government bodies, thus improving the legal system in our country.

The experts and scholars present at the conference have long been dedicated to the studies in the relevant domain and therefore their studies carry lots of weight and are characterized by practicality.

It is learned that Prof. Li Changjian has long been specializing in both systematic theory and practical research regarding legal issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. His efforts to give full play to the combination of highly competitive disciplines such as laws, economics and so on with "Three Rural Issues" for academic studies, has begun to bear fruit. Pro.Li has already attended the legislative advisory conference for many times and some of his suggestions have been adopted by the NPC for reference.

(By Li Borui, Du Gunwei, Xuejian and Yuan Jinfeng)