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2016 Independent Recruitment of Students Test Held at HZAU

On June 11, more than 600 students from 22 provinces sat for the HZAU 2016 independent recruitment of students test held at the No.3 Teaching Building.

According to this year’s recruitment plan, 233 science students, which accounted for 5% of the total enrollment, would be admitted.

Students sat for a written test and an interview. Many students accompanied by their parents arrived at the exam site ahead of time.The written test was to test students on their intellectual capacity. Li Shengpeng, from Human province, was one of them and he said "It's my first time to be here. I just can't imagine how large and beautiful the campus is. I wish I could make it. “The interview section which took place in the afternoon was to assess students on such factors as their potential, critical thinking, leadership abilities and sense of responsibility. 75 experts were assigned by HZAU to be interviewers and the whole process was recorded to ensure fairness.

To make sure the scheme would be carried out smoothly, services were provided, including the erection of signposts at major crossroads to help students find the exam site, the setup of a makeshift medical center as well as designated areas for rest and lunch.

(By Xue Jian)