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An International Sci-tech Cooperation on “Green Pork” Passes Inspection

On May 31th, experts from Ministry of Science and Technology inspected a subject “The R&D Cooperation on Key Technology for Sustainable Production of Green Pork” presided over by Prof. Peng Jian, deputy dean of College of Animal Sciences & Technology.

Prof. Peng, on behalf of the project team, briefed on the implementation of the project. Then, experts gave their inspection opinions, following a heated discussion of the subject report and the relevant materials involved. They finally gave the green light to the project, for it had met all the criteria.

It’s learned that, with a view to coping with tough issues restricting the development of the pig breeding industry in China, the team carried out cooperative research with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. With its dedication and perseverance, the team made great achievements: the availability of domestically-produced anti-dysentery grassoline and two new feed-premix products and the eligibility for holding two nationally authorized invention patent licenses. Breeding environment evaluation system can provide reference for both the environment-friendly pig breeding industry and policy-makers. Thanks to the enhanced competitiveness of the feed product brought about by the project, its promotion and application reaped a newly added output value of 192.1 million Yuan and created a profit of 38.6 million Yuan. To enhance the prestige of China’s animal sciences, numerous sci-tech exchanges were carried out, including the convention of international academic conference on the nutrition and intestinal health of pig.

(By Li Borui and Yuan Jinfeng)