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Professor Bao yongping from UEA Pays a Visit to HZAU

On 24th and 25th, May, Professor Bao Yongping from the Medical College of the University of East Anglia (UEA) was invited to Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU) for academic exchanges. During his visit, Professor Bao delivered three speeches on different subjects.

On the morning of 24th, May, Professor Bao delivered a speech entitled Dietary Phytochemicals and the Prevention of Cancer in the 202 meeting room of the Teaching Building of the School of Landscape Architecture, focusing on the prevention of cancer with phytochemicals and the advancement achieved in this aspect, as well as the way of preventing cancer through rational diet. In this speech, he clearly explained to audience the relations between phytochemicals and the prevention of cancer.

On the morning of 25th, May, Professor Bao made a special report entitled Mechanisms of Dietary Phytochemicals in Protection Against Free Radical-Mediated Cytotoxicity. Based on achievements in scientific research and life experience, he advocated that people eat some brassicaceous vegetable, onions, or drink green tea and red wine while having barbecues so as to remove the free radicals in the body by and large, and called for less red meat consumption. In addition, he proposed to solve the problem of selenium scarcity by transporting selenium-rich products in Enshi city and other places to selenium-shortage areas like Yunnan Province. Professor Bao won great applause for his simple language in explaining profound scientific questions.

Besides academic reports, Professor Bao also shared writing skills of academic articles with teachers and students in the “Cultivation and Reading” tearoom, centering on common problems in article writing, as well as the key points and submission of articles. At the same time, he conducted frequent exchanges with the participants.

“I have taken part in all the activities held by Professor Bao, and he can explain profound scientific and research questions in simple language and grasp crucial points while introducing writing skills. That benefited me a lot.” said a graduate majoring in Tea Science.

(By Zhang Anqi)