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Canadian Professor Delivers Report on Pig Precision Feeding

Professor Candido Pomar, a world-famous Canadian specialist in the precision feeding of pigs, presented a report entitled “Precision feeding can significantly improve nutrient efficiency while reducing feed cost and N and P excretion in growing pigs” on November 14, 2016.

Prof. Pomar first spoke about the global distribution of pork production. Then he introduced massive amounts of data on pig production and provided mathematical models to highlight the necessity of precision feeding. He suggested that the advantages of precision feeding include economizing on feeds and lowering the excretions of nitrogen and phosphorous, for it takes into account such factors as optimal timing of feedings, optimal feed proportions and the size of each pig. In addition, Prof. Pomar attributes the challenge of pig production to the differing nutrition needs of individual pigs.

Under the traditional paradigm of pig feeding, feeds with uniform nutrient density are rationed. Therefore, some pigs are subject to overnutrition. As opposed to that, precision feeding works to cater to the nutritional needs of each pig. Prof. Pomar then proved that precision feeding played an instrumental role in pig production by weighing it against the traditional model. In his two experiments, where feeds and weight gains are kept at the same level, the new feeding method has seen a decrease in protein by 16%, lysine intake by 26% and nitrogen excretion by 22% respectively. At the end, he previewed the future of precision feeding in animal husbandry.

During his visit, Prof. Pomar had discussion with graduate students and members of the engineering laboratory on issues such as implementation plan, trough design, feed formula and future scientific research cooperation, specifically with Hubei Provincial Engineering Laboratory for Precision Feeding and Feed Intake Security in the future.

(By Xiong Ying)