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HZAU Student Held 14 Comic Cons with Handsome Personal Gains

Progressing from mere interest to business implementation, Liu Xinglin, a junior from HZAU, has converted his play into entrepreneurship by means of the animation world. He has successfully held 14 Comic Cons, with each event earning an average of 10,000 yuan.

When studying in senior high school, he joined the Anime and Comic Society for his interest. In May, 2014, when he was about to graduate, together with a classmate, he spent nearly 3 months planning their maiden Comic Con. Unfortunately, their efforts to ‘test the water’ failed. Though nearly 800 tickets were sold, they incurred a loss of 7000 yuan. Liu still struck a positive note, saying that they had expanded their connections, and that was important to their business in the future.

In August 2015, Liu, a then college student of HZAU, registered a Culture & Media Company in his hometown, and since then held 14 Comic Cons successively in Xinyang (in Henan Province), Suizhou and Qianjiang ( both in Hubei Province). He believed that anime lovers needed a platform to communicate and Comic Cons are excellent outlets for that purpose.

By Pan Nan