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A Clash of Thinking on South Lake Doctoral Forum

South Lake Doctoral Forum was held in HZAU on November 27, 2016. The forum, themed “Life Science and Modern Agriculture”, featuring academic report and Salon, was organized by Graduate School and Postgraduate Student Affairs Office. It attracted a number of doctoral students from our university, China Agricultural University, Beijing Forestry University and other universities, with Professors Dong Wubei, Zheng Bo and Yin Ping as judges.

Hu Shouqiang, director of Graduate Work of Party Committee, addressed the opening ceremony. He pointed out that it is the first time that HZAU has invited outstanding doctoral students from prestigious domestic universities and research to conduct interdisciplinary and intercollegiate academic exchanges. He hoped that students could pursue real knowledge and refuse academic misconduct to be great scholars. And it is hoped that students could foster innovation and improve the ability of scientific research through the academic exchanges.

Doctoral representatives, with the latest research findings of individual or team, analyzed the influence of life science on biological health, crop growth at level of molecule, gene and cell so as to offer constructive ideas to agricultural development that benefits rural areas and farmers. Cheng Linghua from HZAU expressed that she not only learned the latest research findings in the field, but also was impressed by the thoughtful sponsor, and she will take part in similar activities.

Different academic platforms and disciplinary backgrounds offered more perspectives to discussion instead of hindering communication, although the reporters in the forum came from different universities in China, and covered pomology, biochemistry and molecular biology, soil and water conservation and desertification control. A postgraduate, from the College of Life Science and Technology majoring in crop genetics and breeding, attended the forum with passion in the cotton fiber development mechanism. He expressed that he have learned a lot from Wang Maojun’s report.

A special "insects feast" was provided during tea break, in which the food ingredients were supplied by a student majoring in Entomology in HZAU. He explained: "Tenebrio molitor is an ideal artificial breeding insect and green food rich in protein, minerals, 17 amino acids, and other nutrients." HZAU hopes to take the insects feast as an opportunity to guide people for a better understanding and proper utilization of insects to maintain ecological balance.

South Lake Doctoral Forum in 2016 has built an innovation platform to promote interscholastic and interdisciplinary academic exchanges. It is another innovation move of Annual Academic Graduate Research Conference as a signature event of HZAU.

(By Li Yumei)