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Review on Traditionally Fermented Vinegars Attracting International Attention

Recently, international attention has been paid to the review entitled “Vinegar Functions on Health: Constituents, Sources, and Formation Mechanisms” from Food Biotechnology and Food Safety Laboratory of College of Food Science & Technology of HZAU, which has been published on Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) reported the publication of the article and cited its major views on IFT official websites, so did Express UK, which believed that fermented vinegars should be the next SUPERFOOD.

This thesis summarizes functional ingredients in fermented vinegars, including organic acids, polyphenols, melanoidins, ligustrazine and so on. And further exploration is made accordingly on physiological functions of fermented vinegars, such as antibacteria, anti-infection, antioxidation, blood glucose control, lipid metabolism regulation, weight loss, and anticancer activities.

This thesis is one of the ten-year cooperative achievements made by Food Biotechnology and Food Safety Laboratory of HZAU and Professor Paolo Giudici’s Laboratory in University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. And this cooperation has got long-term and strong support from the Sino-Italian cooperation project of Ministry of Science and Technology. The publication of this essay has favorable effects on the introduction and promotion of traditionally fermented Chinese food and diet culture. The first author of this article is Cheng Hengye, a doctoral student in HZAU, and the corresponding author is Professor Chen Fusheng from College of Food Science & Technology, HZAU.

(By Zuo Xiaolin)