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Outstanding Performance in the Fourth “Guangchi Cup” Physical Experiment Contest

The Fourth “Guangchi Cup” Contest of the Innovative Design of Physical Experiment was held in Xiangyang, Hubei province from November 4 to 6, sponsored by Hubei Provincial Department of Education and hosted by Hubei University of Arts and Science.173 works submitted by 500 teachers and students from 34 universities were presented and all the six teams of 23 students from HZAU guided by 8 teachers have got respectively one first prize, three second prizes and two third prizes.

This physical experiment contest had three subjects: “basic subject” (the measure of wavelength), “applied subject” (the application of wave) and “experiment improvement” (wavelength measuring device). During the three days’ intense finals, the contestants, divided into six groups, went through a four-step procedure including presentation, defense, display and expert Q & A. Over 20 experts gave open, impartial, and fair review and comment for each work.

Two teams from HZAU competed in “basic subject” and both won the second prizes, namely “Dual-band Optical Filter Automatic System for Measuring Optical Wavelength” and “New Acoustic Wavelength Measurement System by Phase Difference”. HZAU brought four applied subjects, among which one team won the first prize by “The Application of the Ultrasonic Wave in Salting Duck Egg”, another won the second prize by “Egg Breakage Detection System Based on Percussion Sound Wave Signal”, and the other two, “Ultrasonic Stalk Cell Crushing Device” and “Detection of Biological Film Thickness by Using the Interference of Light Equal Thickness” got the third prizes.

Xing Shijia, a second prize winner in this contest, said: “it took two months for us to select topic, process, adjust and then present our work, and we have revised our PPT and application documents for dozens of times, each time with our teachers’ patient help and guidance, thus I have gained much new knowledge. This experience has improved my practical ability and increased my interest in physical experiment”. The twins Zhang Luyao and Zhang Luyi from different teams won the second prize and the third prize respectively, and they always encourage each other whenever they encountered difficulties.

(By Yan Qiaoli)