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College of Life Science and Technology Hosts Fund Application Training for Foreign Post-doctors

“Today is Valentine’s Day and our foreign friends could have dated or watched movies with your lovers. However, all of you are here to discuss National Natural Science Fund.” Qi Jing, Research Secretary of the College of Life Science and Technology (CLST), prefaced the fund application training for foreign post-doctors.

In 2009, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) established the Research Fellowship for International Young Scientists (RFIYS) for the first time. Baskaran Ramaiya, post-doctor from the CLST, applied for this program and became the recipient of it last year. On 14th Feb, 2017, Baskaran Ramaiya made a speech in this training, attended by 7 foreign post-doctors from such countries as India, Pakistan and Egypt.

He began by encouraging the attendees to venture an application, “If you are funded, the RFIYS will provide 200,000 yuan a year and 400,000 yuan for two years to help you explore science more deeply. Meanwhile, the program sponsored by the Chinese government commands authority and will endow candidates with promising career path.” He suggested that attendees apply for the two-year program, for one year alone does not suffice to consummate a quality research. If the visa expires, they could apply for the extension according to real situation.

Baskaran Ramaiya made an exhaustive analysis on the writing of application. He held that applicants put a premium on the abstracts since they would make the very first impression on the experts. To be more specific, abstracts had to feature concise words and effectively highlight the significance of the research. He also advised that the fees to purchase equipment must be kept to the minimum proportionally in the budget. In other words, the vast majority of the budget must be expended on research itself.

When describing the innovation of the program, you should elaborate on the innovative methods in certain aspects or points. According to the requirements for attachments, individuals should promise to observe Chinese laws and regulations as well as all regulations under the NSFC when working in China, and provide all attachments as required. The report received a standing ovation.

(By Pan Nan)