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HZAU & HBCH Sign Strategic Joint Development Agreement

On the afternoon of January 17th, the signing and launching ceremony of strategic joint development agreement between HZAU and Hubei Cancer Hospital (HBCH) was held in Hubei Cancer Hospital. Vice Presidents Zhang Xianlong and Yao Jiangling, leaders and experts from related departments attended the signing ceremony. Assistant Dean Wu Xinhong of Hubei Cancer Hospital chaired the ceremony.

Zhang Xianlong introduced the basic conditions in terms of campus environment, disciplinary advantages, talent cultivation system, faculty, scientific and technological strength, particularly elaborating the university’s determination and ability to develop biomedicine. He stressed, HZAU had constructed doctoral programs related to biomedicine like cancer biology, immunobiology, chemical biology, bioinformatics and genomics in response to the two major themes of time (health and nutrition), relying on advantages in the basic research of life science & technology such as bio-chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, cytobiology and zoonosis and focusing on medicine and health. Then, it cultivated and introduced a group of prominent young and middle-aged talents in fields of neurobiology, tumor & Immunology, public health and pharmacy with great efforts, which laid solid foundation for the development of biomedicine. He said that the university would carry on all-round strategic cooperation with HBCH in scientific research, talent cultivation and medical cooperation in various fields like oncology, immunology and biomedicine big data based on the characteristics and merits of both sides. He also emphasized that substantial cooperation should be conducted soon in academic seminars, biomedicine research projects, mutual recruitment of researchers, experimental class of biomedicine for undergraduates and research platform construction.

Wei Shaozhong (Dean of HBCH) was touched by the proactive, progressive and pragmatic spirit of HZAU in pushing forward the disciplinary development of biomedicine. He introduced the basic conditions of HBCH, illustrating its development advantages in oncology, MDT(Multi-Disciplinary Treatment)and bio-bank construction. He said that the two sides would take the strategic agreement as an opportunity to construct scientific research projects and recommend achievements conversion; they take talent cultivation and medical service as a breakthrough to promote strategic cooperation.

Yao Jangling signed the strategic joint development agreement with HBCH on behalf of HZAU.

Zhang Xianlong, Yao Jianglin together with Hu Renchong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Wei Shaozhong, Dean of HBCH launched the strategic joint development agreement.

After the launching ceremony, Zhang Xianlong and Yao Jianglin and the delegation visited research platforms like bio-bank, molecular pathogenesis center in HBCH and discussed with experts in related departments of HBCH on their respective progress in the fields of oncology, immunology, virology, stem cell and regenerative medicine, pharmacy, bio-bank and big data. They cooperated on the spot and created a Wechat group named “research exchanges between HZAU and HBCH”, which enabled closer exchanges and cooperation by means of both online and offline.

( By Zhu Jingjing)