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HZAU Engineering Specialty in Agriculture Approved by Provincial Teaching Achievement Appraisal

Achievement Appraisal Site

On the morning of January 20, the project led by Prof. Liao Qingxi, Dean of the College of Engineering, was approved by provincial teaching achievements appraisal. The project was on “cultivating innovative talents on agricultural engineering techniques with the combination of engineering and agriculture”.

Members of the expert group included Professor Ding Han, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dean of the College of Mechanical Engineering and Science in Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Professor Han Lujia, Dean of the College of Engineering, China Agricultural University; Professor Zhang Kaipeng, Dean of Academic Affairs, Wuhan University of Technology; Professor Jiang Huanyu of Zhejiang University and Professor Ding Weimin of Nanjing Agricultural University. Researcher Jiang Heng, Dean of Academic Affairs of HZAU chaired the meeting.

According to Liao Qingxi, the project mainly relied on teaching reform research projects at the national, provincial and university levels and the national comprehensive reform pilot project for professionals since 2005. We continued to carry out more than ten years of in-depth exploration and practice, due to the urgent need of innovative engineering talents for the development of national modern agriculture and the effective convergence of talent cultivation in agricultural universities. Based on disciplinary advantages in agricultural universities, we have built a “wide caliber, thick foundation, strong characteristics” curriculum system with the combination of engineering and agriculture; we have formed a diversified, stratified and comprehensive set of experimental practice teaching system for four successive years,featuring “cooperation in and out of the class, internal and external collaboration, scientific research and teaching interaction”; we have established a number of designable, comprehensive, innovative, open and advanced experimental practice teaching platform; and we have renewed talents training mechanism in the construction of series of innovative teaching management and teaching staff. The effect of the implementation was significant and wide-ranging.

After the review, the expert group held that the project embraced outstanding features, strong innovation, significantly practical results, and was top-ranked among agricultural universities nationwide.

(By Chen Jing)