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Journal of HZAU(Social Sciences Edition) First Enlisted in CSSCI

Upholding the principle of “soliciting contributions directly from experts and attracting contributions by publishing high-quality papers”, the Editorial Office widened contribution sources by cooperating with experts as well as scientific research institutes and important research groups. We also strengthened internal management, improved editing, proofreading and review.

The Journal(Social Sciences Edition) has seen its ranking rising for 3 consecutive years and is now taking the lead in university journals. It was honored with several national and provincial titles, including Top 100 University Journals, Outstanding Journals of Hubei. It has also been listed as RCCSE China's core academic journals. According to Annual Report on the Influential Factors of Chinese Academic Journals( Social Sciences Edition) in 2016, the Journal(Social Sciences Edition) has a CI of 551.131 and a IF of 2.115, ranking the 12th out of 96( in the Q1) economic journals.

There are a total of 554 journals, 200 expanding version and 155 journal archives enlisted in CSSCI. Among them, 58 are synthetic journals of social science, 12 university journals of social sciences. Journal of Huazhong Agricultural University(Social Sciences Edition) ranked the 3rd in university journals of social sciences.

Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI, Chinese: 中文社会科学引文索引) is an interdisciplinary citation index program in China. It was developed by Chinese Social Sciences Research and Assessment of Nanjing University. It is the important tool for information searching and evaluation of documentation of Social Sciences in China and was used for retrieving included papers and their citation. Now many leading Chinese universities and institutes use CSSCI as a basis for evaluation of academic achievements and promotion.

(By Lei Xue)