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First Lesson: Have You Got “Dedicated Blessing”

The first lesson on February 13 livened the campus up. Originating from the national craze for lucky card grabbing launched by Alipay, it gave stories and feelings about “Dedicated Blessing”.

Zhang Lihua: dedication, begins from a mobike

“Does dedication mean anything to college students?” Zhang Lihua, a teacher from the College of Marxism told reporters that she had prepared this lesson for several days.

In PPT, with the Dedicated Blessing card clicked open, a new cool mobike unfolded before students’ eyes. This was the "dedication" story.

Dreamed of "bikes returning to cities", Hu Weiwei led her team to overcome difficulties one after another. "Dedication perhaps means the mobike sweeping the nation, it symbolizes the struggle of post-80s and post-90s generation!" Zhang Lihua further explained.

"In my mind, studies are students’ work." Zhang Lihua said, "Trying to pursue daily academic progress in order to be dedicated and professional in the future”, which reminded the students of being diligent and persistent for the future development.

What was worth mentioning was that the president of HZAU, Deng Xiuxin, who was listening to this first class were asked to answer the question: What’s his opinion on our current farming civilization and agricultural culture? President Deng was glad to answer. He talked about the American culture, the history of Egypt, the Hani terraces and "24-solar-terms-pillar" agricultural culture gallery in our university. "It is an important and imperative mission for the university as well as college students to inherit culture." He stressed.

Mei Daofeng: dedication, starts with Tu Youyou’s Nobel Prize

Mei Daofeng's first lesson began with Tu Youyou's road towards Nobel Prize. As early as the 1960s, Tu was determined to take her career pursuit as defeating malaria. She traveled all over the country to collect more than 640 kinds of "antimalarial" prescription and never let off any possibilities. Of course, there were also setbacks in Tu's research. She once devoted a lot of energy to the research of pepper, but the outcome was a heavy blow to her. Starting from scratch, Tu Youyou finally found that Artemisia apiacea reached 100% inhibition rate over malaria in the 191st experiment.

“Thanks to her concentration on career, she ultimately achieved success in her research.” Mei Daofeng said.

“For you, your career is academic studies. Tu’s dedication spirit is worthy thinking and learning. We, as a new force of society, should inherit this great spirit. In our daily life, we should pay attention to self-cultivation and foster simple values; in learning, we should dedicate ourselves to learn professional knowledge and improve self-professionalism! " Mei said with great concern.

From the "dedicated" story full of positive energy, Mei Daofeng inspired students with the spirit of dedication, which made the students determined in the first lesson of this semester and start a new "learning model” with full enthusiasm.

(By Chen Chunjia)