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Chang Jiang Distinguished Professor Zhai Xuewei Guests on HZAU

On the morning of Dec.2 2016,Chang Jiang Distinguished Professor Zhai Xuewei made a report entitled Shame & Face: Reflection on Local Culture Psychology” in the annual academic conference held by the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, HZAU. Prof. Tian Beihai, vice dean of the college participated in the lecture, together with hundreds of teachers and students.

Starting with his own experience, Prof. Zhai shared his purpose of studying "face", that is, to make a successful analysis of social problems in China by combining the Western sociological theory with the actual situation in China so as to build confidence for Chinese sociological circles.

Subsequently, he took The Chrysanthemum and the Sword as an example to analyze the cultural and behavioral reflection behind Japan's participation in the World War II, and then to put forward the concept of "shame culture" which, according to him, can be used to explain the core idea of Japanese culture. He illustrated the close relationship between the concept of face and shame culture from several perspectives including the origin of "shame" and the four cardinal virtues of the Confucian school: humanity, justice, propriety and wisdom. However, as a unified model different from that of Japan and western society, Chinese concept of face--what most Chinese pursue in lifetime is good reputation--inspires people to make changes constantly. Prof. Zhai also stressed that doing research requires insight and reflective ability so that we could be good at capturing subtle differences presented in different cultures and carry out research better.

After the report, Prof. Zhai exchanged ideas with teachers and students. He suggested that we should be insightful and thoughtful.

(By Yu Xiaohong)