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“Huanchun Fund” set up in HZAU for national talents in husbandry(Wuhan Evening News)

On the morning of April 15, "Huanchun fund" was established in HZAU. Chen Huanchun, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, took the lead in donating CNY one million.

In 2013, Hubei provincial government awarded Prof. Chen CNY one million for his outstanding contribution to science and technology. Today, he donated the award as a prelude fund. Then, Huanchun Fund has accumulated to a total of CNY 15 million as a starter fund with the support of many enterprises and outstanding alumni.

Huanchun fund is a non-profit fund for student grant & scholarship. All the fund are used to award and support the outstanding students majoring in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and other relevant disciplines in HZAU and some other colleges and universities in China.

In his boyhood, Prof. Chen aspired to be a veterinarian. And after his many years’ work on the front line in animal husbandry and veterinary, he decided to set a new goal, which is to develop healthy, tasty and inexpensive meat, milk and eggs, and to realize the Chinese dream of becoming a livestock husbandry power.

“I have always been dreaming that China could be a livestock husbandry power, and hope we can realize it together”, Prof. Chen said, when referring to the reasons for the establishment of Huanchun fund. Prof. Chen believes that we must cultivate a large number of high-level talents engaged in livestock industry for the dream. Thus, the Huanchun fund was set up, hoping to encourage students to study assiduously and forge ahead. “At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to build a platform for the interaction and exchange between enterprises and students, and to broaden channels for cultivating talents.” Prof. Chen claimed.

“Science could be a hypothesis, but it is not enough for scientists to verify it by experiments. What matters most is to transform results of scientific research into real products for the well-being of the whole society, and that is the ultimate goal for scientists”, said Prof. Chen.

(By Pan Xiangcheng)