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Food Culture Festival sizzling in HZAU

On the afternoon of 15th, April, Huazhong Agricultural University held the Creative Meat Processing Contest of the Second Food Festival of Wisdom Collection & the Fourth Excellence•Chinwhiz Cup, which was divided into four sections——Tasting Section for Students’ Works, Corporate Culture Section, Excellent Works Exhibition Section and Creative Food Section.

Tasting food in the contest is a tradition of the festival. HZAU students exhibited twenty meat products, independent in design, processing and packaging, such as "Chicken Jelly", "Fried Meat Twist", "Chicken Stewed with Angelica" at the Tasting Area. These self-made products were almost not available in the market.

It is reported that the meat processing competition is an important part of the Food Culture Festival, aimed at cultivating innovative talents for food industry, enhancing the hands-on ability of students, and encouraging them to apply what they have learned to the development of innovative healthy products with commercial value in domestic or international market.

“Behind Food Culture Festival was the support and cooperation among various departments, strict requirements of every supervisor, and painstaking efforts of every team. It was an integration of art and science, theory and practice, as well as innovation and trend. The Food Culture Festival highlighted not only the food culture but also family culture cherished by College of Food Science and Technology as a family”, explained by Yang Renhai, Party Secretary of College of Food Science and Technology.

Students are tasting the creative food

Glutinous rice balls stuffed withchicken and other meat

Chicken jelly

(By Li Yumei)