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Comprehensive Technical Mode of Straw Returning Approved by Experts

On the morning of April 7th, Chinese Society of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer (CSPNF) organized an expert evaluation committee to review the project completed by HZAU “Research and Application of the Key Technology on the Straw Returning to Soil Fertility and Chemical Fertilizer Reduction”. Bai Youlu, director of CSPNF chaired the meeting, and HZAU principal assistant Guo Gangqi attended and addressed it. The expert evaluation committee consisted of 7 experts from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences,China Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University and other units. The attendees also included several experts in this field.

The achievement was jointly made by two teams: the integrated nutrients management research team of the College of Resources and Environment, HZAU and the cultivated land quality improvement technology application team the Quality of Arable Land and Fertilizer Station in Hubei Province. And this research made a systematic study on the key problems of straw returning under the main cropping rotation system in Hubei province.

The research has lasted for nine years and gained fruitful results. The research team discovered the mechanism in which the long-term straw returning can improve nutrient preserving capability and optimize nutrient supplying capability through improving soil organic matter composition and aggregate structure. They integrated the following core technologies into the mechanism, “the nitrogen fertilization advance, the reduction of potash fertilizer, annual fertilizer reduction, seed fertilizer cooperative management, straw returning mechanization and straw returning at different decay accretion conditions”. They also established 8 comprehensive technical modes of straw returning that are suitable for different regions and rotation systems. The mode has been widely used in the area, with an average annual saving of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer for 1.9, 0.8 and 2.6 kg per mu respectively, and crop yield increased more than 5.6%, bringing significant economic, social and ecological benefits.

Associate Professor Cong Rihuan, the primary completer of the achievement, first gave a report and then answered the questions of the experts in detail. After listening to the report of the research findings, experts reviewed the relevant materials and after questions and discussions they reached a consensus that the result is systematic and innovative and has attained the international advanced level.

(By Yan Qiaoli)