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INRA Aquaculture Nutritionist Gives Lectures at HZAU

On the afternoons of Mar. 17th and Mar. 23rd, Dr. Stephane Panserat, an aquaculture nutritionist from the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in France, was invited to Aquaculture Forum at HZAU and gave lectures entitled Research about Fish Nutrition in France and Dietary Carbohydrate Use in (Carnivorous) Fish: How to Improve It? Over 100 graduate students from the College of Fisheries, HZAU attended the lectures.

Prof. Panserat first introduced the research status quo of aquaculture nutrition in France: The replacement of fishmeal (FM) and fish oil (FO) by more economically and environmentally sustainable feed ingredients remains to be the core study in this field. Different from Chinese scholars, French researchers paid more attention to muscle quality of fishes, especially to omega-3 fatty acids when protein and lipid sources of land plants are placed in feed ingredients. High carbohydrates and various anti-nutritional factors have limited their use in large scale in aquatic feed.

In order to improve dietary carbohydrates use in (carnivorous) fishes, Prof. Panserat with his team carried out systematic and effective research on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). He covered three aspects in his lectures including “use of Metformin”, “regulation of food intake”, “design of nutrient supply program for a life cycle” with relation to basic theoretical research and practical application, illustrated the effect of Metformin on fish and the interaction between glucose metabolism and other high nutrients. He has designed a nutrient program of improving the plant protein in the dietary of (carnivorous) fishes. With further research on molecular nutrition, the team hopes to make a breakthrough in replacement for aquafeed protein sources by combining nutriology and epigenetics.

Teachers and graduate students interacted actively with Prof. Stephane Panserat during the Q & A section at the end of the lecture.

Profile: Professor Stephane Panserat, a world-famous aquatic nutritionist, is currently the Director of Nutrition Metabolism Aquaculture, INRA, France and associate editor of journal Fish Physiology Biochemistry. He has long been engaged in intermediary metabolism in fish, focusing on improving the dietary carbohydrates use in (carnivorous) fishes by means of molecular nutrition. At present, he has coauthored 6 books and published 130 papers in international journals Jexp Biol. Anim Science etc. His articles have been cited over 2000 times by other scholars and the h-index (high citations index) of his research is 38.

(By Yin Yaqi)